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"Thanks to Senior Express Transportation, my dad has been able to remain healthy and independent living in his own home. The drivers take great care to get him to his appointments safely and on time".

"The drivers are always prompt and courteous. I enjoy the door to door service they provide".

"It was very hard for me to give up driving my own car. Senior Express has been a Godsend. One quick phone call and they take me wherever I need to go".

Oak Creek, WI

Milwaukee, WI

Shorewood, WI

"I have my regular stops that I need to do every week.   I need to pick up groceries, visit my family, visit my friends and play cards every Thursday with my group.   To me, this is very important.   I can keep my independence and live my life!   Senior Express Transportation Services has become a part of my family and my life.   Thank you!

Wauwatosa, WI

"My Father has been able to keep a very active lifestyle with the help of Senior Express.  He was very concerned about safety and just being able to get around to his 'regular stops'.    I wanted to make sure that he was able to get to all of his Doctor appointments.   Senior Express has been able to satisfy me and my Father!

Greenfield, WI

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